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Cut Down British P1842 Smoothbore Musket
Item #: AA1990
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This is a British Pattern 1842 smoothbore musket from the Civil War era. These muskets have a nominal length of 55" with a 39 1/4" long barrel. This one has been shortened to carbine length, being 36" overall and having a 20" barrel. This isn't a Johnny Reb in the field shortening job either! It is well known that the Confederates were short on cavalry carbines and were altering battlefield pickups and damaged weapons into carbines. This little beauty had to be done at an armory. The stock has been shortened, the brass nose cap and forward ramrod thimble relocated, and the barrel reworked to add the front sight and forward barrel retainer. The button tipped ramrod was shortened to the barrel length. The thimbles for the ramrod are still pinned to the stock. The shortened barrel still retains original color, is moderately pitted around the bolster area and has light surface rust scattered along the length of the barrel. A simple buckhorn rear sight and dovetailed blade front sight are both securely mounted on the barrel. The English proofs marks are visible but show wear from use. It bears the crossed scepters and number 17, indicating a .65 caliber. To look as great as this gun does, it did a lot of shooting! There is no rifling left and gauges out at .73 caliber. The bore is dark and lightly rusted. The lockplate is the smaller 5 1/2" size and has no markings.The trigger guard, butt plate, nose cap and thimbles are all brass hardware. The trigger guard resembles one found on a Brunswick rifle, possibly a commercial one. All have the same gun bronze patina, attesting to how long this one has been together. The mechanics of the lock are functional, but a little worn. The walnut stock is beautiful and flawless! The stock flat opposite the lockplate has no stamps. The stock is in good condition, having no cracks or loss of wood and sharp edges. This musket was originally made for the civilian market or overseas sale in England, and once it made it's way to the US turned into a horse cannon! This is a nice representative piece of Confederate Cavalry weaponry and will look great in any collection!
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