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1843 Dated Psalms and Hymns
Item #: AA1957
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This is a Psalms and Hymns book published in Philadelphia in 1843. The small black leather bound book measures 3 1/4" high and 2 1/2" wide. The inside covers are red and the edges of the pages are red. These small books were printed for use in the Presbyterian Church in the United States. On the front inside cover the name Elizabeth B. Cargill is written in period ink. Hand written in cursive pencil on the back page is a poem that reads "The Cillico of the palled sky grown faint with gold and rose, as still the Easter dawn draws nigh across earth's folding snows." This Civil War period book was owned by the wife of Union soldier Frank Cargill. His presentation 1861 Springfield rifle was sold by Akins Americana previously. The book is in very good condition considering it's age.
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Item # AA1957
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