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Confederate Richmond Three Band Rifled Musket
Item #: AA1915
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This is a type III Richmond Rifle Musket manufactured at the Richmond Armory in 1863. The total number of these weapons produced is unknown, but they were made in larger quantities than any other Confederate long arm manufactured during the Civil War. The weapon has an overall length of 56", with a barrel length of 40". The barrel has a dark, aged patina, showing some pitting and pinpricking around the bolster and breech area. There is one small area on the barrel, about two inches forward of the rear band that shows some pitting. The bore is a light brown rust color and has no rifling left. At the muzzle it gauges out at .64 caliber, so this one did some shooting! The rear sight is missing, which makes it easy to identify this as a Richmond made barrel by the stabilizer cut for the sight. The front sight is incorporated into the bayonet lug. The tulip head ramrod has been replaced by a trumpet style ramrod similar to those used in the M1842 muskets. The three iron barrel bands are all stamped with the letter U, are offset from the springs, and match the barrel patina perfectly. Both sling swivels are present and secure to the middle barrel band and the trigger bow. The lockplate is stamped 1863 behind the hammer and the magical C.S./RICHMOND VA. stamp is forward of the hammer. The lockplate, as well as the trigger guard continue on with the matching patina of the barrel. It's obvious this gun has been together for a long time. The butt plate is brass without the US stamp and perfectly matches the nose cap, both having a very nice mellow golden patina. The walnut stock is in very good condition. There are no cartouches on the left flat opposite the lock plate. There is a small section of wood missing between the barrel tang and lock on the right side, most likely caused by a main spring failure. The beautiful dark chocolate stock has no ther cracks or wood loss, all edges remain pretty crisp.The left stock comb has the letters WL carved in it, while the right side has what looks to be E BALL carved into it. A quick check of the data base shows 33 matches for Confederate soldiers with this name. This is a great example of a mid war Confederate rifle that could have seen service at some of the bloodiest battles of the war.
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