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US 45 Star Flag
Item #: AA1887
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This is a United States 45 star flag from the Spanish American War era. The 45 star flag was utilized from 4 July 1896, when Utah was admitted to the Union, until 4 July 1908. This flag measures 24 1/2" by 33". The entire flag is made of course, glazed cotton. The stars are printed onto both sides of the canton. The layout of the stars is 8-7-8-7-8-7. The orientation of the star points is upwards. This flag does not have a heading per say, just a 1/4" seam sewn where the heading would be. there are 13 small round nails securing the flag to a wooden standard that is 59 1/2" long, topped by a spear point wooden finial 4" long. The standard is black and the finial is gold, I believe both to have the original paint. The size of this flag suggests it may have been used as a parade flag, but I think this one could have been hung in a government building, or maybe even a school. The flag has three rips on the fly end, each approximately 3 1/2" or less. The fly is not frayed and the stitching along this area is not frayed or broken. The flag has a couple of stained areas, again on the fly. There is no makers stamp or tag on the flag. For a piece of material that was used outdoors in all types of weather this one is still in good condition. Especially when you consider it's at least 111 years old. If your war room or man cave has the wall space, this thing will definitely put some pop in there!
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