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M1863 Remington Zouave Bayonet
Item #: AA1858
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This is a Saber bayonet made for the Model 1863 Remington "Zouave" rifle. The bayonet measures 25" overall, with a blade length of 20 1/8". Each side of the blade has a 14 1/4" fuller. The blade has a bright polished finish with just a couple of old surface oxidation spots scattered about. The edge of the blade has numerous nicks, most felt rather than seen. The only stamp on the blade is on the left side near the hilt, the letter I. The blade is retained to the hilt by a single iron pin through the cross guard. The cross guard measures 3 5/8" and has a quillion at the bottom of the guard. The brass hilt has a gorgeous dull golden patina on the grip mixed with a darker bronze patina on the cross guard. The bayonet release and locking spring operate perfectly. There is no date to be found on the bayonet anywhere. There are several inspector stamps, a P on the front of the cross guard at the bottom, A on the left side of the guard just above the iron pin, and the initials B.H., likely for the inspector Benjamin Hannis. This is a fine example of a bayonet designed to be used with the M1863 "Zouave" rifle made by Remington.