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Halberd Style Brass Flag Finial
Item #: AA1813
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This is a brass Halberd style flag finial from the Civil War era. The finial has a length of 9 3/4" and is 5 1/4" at it's widest point. The finial attaches to the ferrule by use of a threaded rod that passes through the ball in the center. The ferrule was attached to the staff by means of a screw that fit in a recessed hole in the ferrule. There were many different styles of finals used during the Civil War on both sides. The most common was the eagle finial, followed by the spear point. The halberd is more of a European style, and it is well documented that the south imported anything and everything for wartime use from Europe. This one has a dark bronze patina with traces of silver in the recessed areas. It came in to the shop with oral history of being used as a topper for a weather vane on a farm in the Manassas, Virginia area!
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