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M1841 Eli Whitney "Mississippi" Rifle Native American Used
Item #: AA1783
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This is a Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifle produced by Eli Whitney of New Haven, Connecticut. The Whitney company was awarded multiple contracts for the Model 1841 rifle. This Mississippi rifle measures 41 1/2" overall. The 25 1/2" round barrel now gages out to .59 caliber. The rifling is gone, the bore is dark and lightly rusted. The exterior of the barrel has a nice steel gray look. The bolster area and barrel have a smooth surface. The rear sight is a simple V notch that has been moved forward of it's original location 1 3/8". The front sight is a small brass blade sight. These are original to the weapon, as this rifle was sighted for 50 yard distances. Experienced riflemen were expected to be able to effectively apply "Kentucky" windage and elevation for targets at further distances. The barrel is stamped JH/VP to the left of the bolster. The left barrel flat is stamped with a small B. There is a faint date stamped on the barrel tang, but it is not legible. The barrel has not been altered with the addition of a lug to accept a bayonet, correct for the type I "Mississippi". The lock plate is marked E. WHITNEY/US in horizontal lines forward of the hammer and N.HAVEN/1846 in vertical lines to the rear of the hammer. The lock plate has a patina that matches the barrel. The hammer still retains a little of the case color, but the retaining screw is broke off flush with the hammer. The mechanics of the lock are excellent. The hammer holds at half and full cock and snaps forward, striking the nipple squarely when the trigger is depressed. The brass furniture has a nice mustard yellow patina. The brass side plate has a sub inspector stamp B, as well as the trigger guard assembly. The remaining brass parts are without a sub inspector mark. The US stamp on the butt plate is clear and is stamped parallel to the barrel. The spare nipple inside the patch box is missing. The sling swivels, brass tipped ram rod and complete patch box are missing. The walnut stock has been shortened a total of 6 1/4" to coincide with the barrel length being shortened. The front barrel band spring has been relocated as well. The wood has an eye pleasing medium chocolate appearance. On the flat opposite the lock plate are two cartouches. The forward cartouche is block style but I can't make out the initials. The rear one has the letters WAT within an oval. The stock has no cracks what so ever, just the normal bumps and bruises from normal handling. All along the right side of the stock and forearm you can see where this gun once had tacks driven into it. The same holds true for the top and bottom of the stock comb, wrist and left forearm. The initials on HEN are also carved into the right stock comb. Most likely this old war horse went west during the Mexican War and somewhere along the lines it wound up in the hands of a southwestern brave. Overall, a very nice example of a Mexican War period Mississippi rifle with Native American modifications!
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Item # AA1783
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