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Early 1800's Militia Cartridge Box
Item #: AA1779
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This is an early 1800's militia cartridge box. The box measure 6 1/2" wide, 5 1/4" tall and 1 1/2" wide. The heavy black leather box has no "ears" or inner flap. The wooden block contains two rows of 9 holes each for what appears to be .54 caliber ammunition. The flap closure tab is missing, but the brass finial is present. This box was designed to be worn with a sling only, no provisions for a belt. The linen sling is 2" wide and in very strong condition. The leather has been tarred in an attempt to make it water proof. The sling shows quite a bit of tarring also, though I don't believe it was intended to be! The stitching on this cartridge box is strong and unbroken. This box seems to have been patterned after a British Revolutionary War cartridge box. It's possible this could be a War of 1812 cartridge box, but I'm thinking a Mexican War box for the newly introduced M1841 "Mississippi" rifle. Either way, it's pre 1850 and displays great!
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