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The Story of the US Cavalry
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This is a book that discusses the history of the United States Cavalry. It begins with the mounted soldiers of the Revolutionary War in 1775 and ends with the twilight of the Cavalry in 1942, when the Army became fully mechanized. This book was researched, compiled and written by Major General John K Herr and Edward S Wallace with a publication date of 1953. The blue cover with gold lettering make this a visually appealing book. The paper dust jacket is missing, but the book itself is in almost mint condition. This one is very well written and informative. The narrative is 261 pages, broken into 10 chapters. The book is illustrated with numerous drawings as well as black and white photographs. The hard back book measures 9 3/8" x 6 3/4". This makes a great reference book for the American Cavalry collector.
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Item # AA1695
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