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Confederate Used Cap Box
Item #: AA1663
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This is a Federal cap box manufactured during the American Civil War, but was repurposed by the Confederate Army. At least one cavalryman from the Confederate Army did! There is no maker mark on the cap box. There is a partial name scratched into the outer flap though! I can make out the letters AGAN pretty clearly. Unfortunately, that's all I can make out. This cap box came into the shop on a Confederate Cavalry belt rig complete with swivel holster and CSA rectangle buckle. For whatever reason the costumer that purchased the belt did not want the cap box with it. That is enabling me to price this very cheap for a Confederate used item. The leather on this pouch is a little dry, but still very pliable. The outer flap shows minimal crazing or flaking. The edges of the outer flap have a simple tooled marked along the edge. The stitching is still very strong and has no breaks. The brass finial is present, the closure tab is still reporting for duty and is 100% intact! The two belt loops are securely attached to the pouch. The wool and pick are long gone. The little box still displays great, and would be a nice addition to any Civil War display.
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
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