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Brass Spear Point Flag Finial
Item #: AA1658
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This is a brass spear point flag finial from the Civil War era. The finial has a total length of 11", and is 1 3/4" at it's widest point. The spear point top attaches to the ferrule by use of a threaded rod. The ferrule was attached to the staff by means of a screw that fit in a recessed hole in the ferrule. This one still has the broken wood in it! The finial has a slight bend to it near the center, which might explain how the staff was broken. There were many different styles of finals used during the Civil War both both sides. The most common was the eagle finial, followed by the spear point. This one has a dark, almost black patina on one side, while the other side shows a nice mustard yellow patina. The ferrule appears to have been lacquered at some point long ago. I do not have any history of where this one was recovered, but it does not look to have been dug. If only these pieces could talk. I did find one very similar to this one on the internet having battle damage and being attributed to the 4th Texas Infantry, Hood's brigade.
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