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12mm Double Action Pinfire Revolver
Item #: AA1653
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This is a double action 12mm pinfire revolver from the Civil War era. It has an overall length of approximately 10 1/4", and a barrel length of 5 1/4". The metal has a nice steel gray patina that really sets off the elaborate engraving. There are just traces of the original bluing showing here and there, mostly in the recessed areas. The engraving covers the frame, backstrap, trigger guard, cylinder and barrel. The octagon barrel shows wear to the engraving. There are two proof marks on the barrel, one on the bottom barrel flat and the other on the left side barrel flat. They are the same mark of a crown with the letters EL underneath. The bore is free of pitting and still somewhat bright, just starting to darken with age. The rifling is worn, but still visibile. The cylinder retains the most of the engraving. I can not find the Leige proof mark of ELG within an oval usually stamped there, but I believe this to be a Belgian made gun. The number 185902 is stamped on the left side of the frame. The double action mechanics of this revolver work perfectly. The ivory grips fit like a glove and have a beautiful yellowish white appearance. The only flaws this gun has is a missing lanyard ring and the loading gate catch is broken. This pinfire revolver displays great and will add some real eye appeal to any Civil War revolver display!