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Early 1900's UCV Virginia Kepi
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This is a United Confederate Veterans kepi circa 1897 - 1915. The Cadet gray material has great color and shows minimal moth damage. This is a size 6 3/4 kepi made in the traditional Civil War design. The stitching is very strong throughout this veterans hat. A cloth band of black is sewn along the bottom of the kepi. The black visor is in great condition with hardly any crazing and securely attached to the body of the cap. The leather chin strap is retained by Virginia buttons with a Horstmann back mark. The inside of the kepi is immaculate, with the 1 1/2" brown leather sweatband being in great condition. The sweatband stitching, however, has almost completely gone. A small section remains stitched to the body of the kepi at the back, keeping it in place. A paper size tag of 6 3/4 is attached to the sweatband. A polished cotton liner is completely intact, and the stitching is very tight. The paste board in the crown of the cap is securely attached and shows honest wear but no damage. A small cotton chin strap has been added to the kepi, probably by the veteran. There is a makers mark on the liner that identifies this kepi being made by The Warnock Uniform Co. of New York City. The address listed for the company is 19 & 21 West 31st St. Bazelon and McGuinn's "Directory of American Military Goods Dealers & Makers 1785 -1915" book shows the business being at that location from 1897 through 1915. This beautiful old veterans hat would display great on a UCV mannequin, especially with a shell coat!
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