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9th Division Artillery Unit History Book
Item #: AA1600
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This is a hard back unit history book of the 34th Field Artillery Battalion, 9th Infantry Division dated 1941. The 9th was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina at that time. The book measures 9" wide and 12" tall and is red with gold lettering on the front cover. The US Army eagle is depicted at the upper left of the cover, along with the date and location of the unit. The 140 page unit annual provides the basic history of the 9th Infantry division, the personnel and subordinate units of the division. This one focuses mainly on the artillery battalions of the 9th Division. This one was apparently a gift from a member of the division to his father. Written in ink inside the front cover are the names Dallas Wright Lewis and Ronald Manley Lewis. Inside the book a picture of the A Battery, 34th Field Artillery Battalion, taken at Christmas 1941, was found. Along with that unit photo was a smaller black and white photo of an unidentified male, probably Ronald Lewis. The book is well used and shows wear at the edges. All the pages are in good condition, all photos are very clear. The only writing in the book is that found inside the front cover presenting the book from son to father. This would make a nice addition to any military history book collection.
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Item # AA1600

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