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Medical Diploma and GAR Aide De Camp Certificate of Frank Cargill
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This is a set of documents for Frank A. Cargill that are both post Civil War. The first pictured is his certificate appointing him as Aide De Camp for the Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic presented to him on January 5th, 1928 in Sacramento, California. The certificate measures 24" wide and 19" tall. The certificate is in very good condition, having no tears, cuts, bends, creases or stains. It is signed by the William H. Noll, the Adjutant General, and Elbridge L. Hawk, Commander in Chief of the GAR at that time. The official seal of the GAR is displayed on the bottom left corner of the document. The second document is written in Latin, and is Cargill's license to practice medicine. It measures 26" wide and 21" tall and has also been well maintained. There are 32 signatures of men from the medical profession on the front of the document. Attached to the back of this document is a small diploma issued by the University of the State of New York. It entitles Cargill to register to practice medicine in any county clerks office in the state of New York. What really makes these documents significant is the fact that they belonged to the same Dr Frank Cargill that was presented the Springfield rifle AA1212, when he was the Department of Connecticut Commander in 1930. The rifle is still available, and this grouping would look great displayed on the wall of your war room together!
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