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Morgan "Muley" Saddle
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This is a Civil War Morgan "Muley" saddle from the western theater. It is a well known fact that the Confederate Army had to make do with whatever weaponry and equipment they could come by. This is especially true when it comes to the Confederate cavalry. many of the southern horseman provided their own saddles, as well as horses. Officer's on both sides of the conflict were often required to purchase their own equipment, either through arsenals or private contractors. This magnificent example of the Morgan style saddle was probably owned by a Confederate officer. The hand tooling of the leather can be found throughout the saddle, from the pommel to the cantle. Examples of this saddle, known as the "Muley", can be found in Dorsey and McPheeters book, "American Military Saddle, 1776 - 1945" on pages 68 and 69. The term "muley" is French in origin and means "without horn", describing the lack of a horn on the pommel. The saddle measures 18" from the pommel to the cantle, is 11" wide and 8" tall. The tree is completely covered in rawhide, the higher wear areas covered with leather. The stitching on the front of the pommel area of the tree is broken and the rawhide is slightly separated from the tree. This is a common occurrence with these old saddles, but does not taken away from the display quality of this one at all. A small section of stitching is missing on the bottom side of the tree, but the rawhide remains tight to the tree. The areas of the saddle reinforced with leather have beautiful hand tooled markings. This quality craftsmanship can be seen on the pommel, cantle, seat, sweats and fenders. There are also several brass rosettes located around the saddle. The number 72 can be seen on either side of the pommel, unfortunately I have no idea what that refers to. The bent oak stirrups have treads that measure 2 3/4" wide. There are only short sections of the quarter straps remaining, no cinch or girth strap. With all that said, put a blanket on a saddle rack, sit this saddle on top of it and just stand back and admire! This would be a killer central piece in any Confederate cavalry collection!
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