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Wooden Scabbard for WWII Japanese NCO Sword
Item #: AA1581
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This is a wooden Saya, or scabbard, made for a Japanese NCO sword from World War II. The scabbard measures 27 1/2" in length and has a throat measuring 1 3/8" long and 1/2" at the widest part. The scabbard is of two piece construction and is held together by a single Ashi, or mount, a the upper end and a double strand wire at the bottom end. This scabbard does not look to have ever had an Ishizuke, or drag, ever installed. It does have evidence of having a Koiguchi, or throat, at some point. There are a couple of small cracks at the throat of the scabbard, and on longer crack on the left side of the scabbard about half way down that is about 3" long. It is felt more than seen. The single mount is made of brass and overlaid with nickel. It is obvious that the mount has been with this scabbard forever, as you can feel it drop into place when it is removed and replaced. The suspension ring shows some honest wear and is mostly bare brass now. The These wooden scabbards are considered to be late war, "last ditch" examples. This one has never been lacquered. If you have a Pacific theater WWII collection this one fits in several ways, "last ditch" example, war trophy, or a Japanese WWII collection. I don't think to many of these survived.
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