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Saddle Valise
Item #: AA1580
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This is a Civil War era saddle valise. It measures 17" wide, 7" wide and 6" tall. The main body of the valise is made of one piece of leather. The D shaped ends are sewn on to the main body. A large outer flap was stitched onto the main body as well, but this one is missing. The three roller buckles used to keep the outer flap secure are also missing. An inner flap was also incorporated with the valise, sewn onto the main body as well. The inner flap was secured by 6 iron loops that a strap ran through and was itself secured by a roller buckle. The strap is gone, but the roller buckle is securely sewn onto the valise. There are two leather loops sewn onto the bottom of the valise to secure it to the saddle, one of which is missing. There was a small leather handle sewn onto each end cap, but both are missing. The leather is a little stiff, but is still pliable. All the stitching remains solid and strong. The inner flap is torn in tow places where it goes over the iron loops. While this one is missing the outer flap and the end handles, it still displays well on a saddle!
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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