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Sibley Stove
Item #: AA1571
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This is a Sibley stove from the Civil War era. These stoves were made to be used with the circular Sibley tent that was popular during the war. These stoves were designed primarily to warm the squad sized tents, but the ever resourceful soldier devised different ways to cook using the stove. The stoves were made of sheet iron and riveted together at the back seam. An iron skirt went around the bottom of the stove and an insulator ring fit at the top of the tent. A small, roughly 8" by 8" door was riveted to the front side of the stove, along with a half circular vent cut into the bottom of the stove. This stove stands 29" high and is 18" in diameter at the base and tapers to a 4" opening at the top. The entire surface of the stove is moderately pitted and rusted, but is as solid as the day it was made. The Sibley tents saw service on the frontier well into the 1880's, while the stoves were used all the way up to World War II. This would be perfect in a Civil War camp display.