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US 50 Star Funeral Flag
Item #: AA1567
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This is a United States 50 star funeral flag manufactured by the Valley Forge Flag Company of Spring City, Pennsylvania. The flag measures 9' by 5' and is in very good condition. The Valley Forge Flag Co was founded in 1882, and remains a family run business. This flag covered the casket of a local World War II veteran who passed away several years ago. The colors on the flag are very vibrant, but there are a couple of stained areas where the flag was improperly stored. The pictures show the affected areas, all on the white stripes. The stitching remains as solid as the day it was made. The 50 stars are machine sewn and all oriented in the same direction. Other than the small stains, there is no damage anywhere on the flag. This would make a great 4th of July celebration flag, and if you'd like I can provide the veterans name that this flag honored so you too can honor and remember him!
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Item # AA1567
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