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Non Dug Leech & Rigdon Spur
Item #: AA1566
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This is a non excavated western theater spur manufactured by Leech & Rigdon of Memphis, Tennessee. These are sometimes referred to as "Memphis Novelty Works" spurs, as that was the name of the manufacturing company owned by Leech & Rigdon at the beginning of the Civil War. This cast brass spur has a rounded body and a squared off angled neck. The arms of this spur have a smooth transition into the strap plates. The strap plates have beveled openings for the straps. The 1" iron rowel is still on the neck and rotates freely. While this spur does not have the distinctive C S and stars markings of Leech & Rigdon, I am certain that this spur is a product of that firm. The book "Confederate, US and other Civil War Used Spurs" by Bob Baird shows a good example of this type spur, shown as CS-24, on pages 61 and 62. This spur is in magnificent condition with a beautiful chocolate brown patina. The body of the spur is straight, no twists or bends. The neck is straight and still retains the rowel. The only way it could be better was if it was a matched set! If you have a spur collection, this one belongs in it!
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