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Civil War Wagon Canteen
Item #: AA1564
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This is a large wooden stave wagon canteen from the Civil War Era. This over sized canteen measures 10 1/4" in diameter and 4 1/2" wide. This type of canteen would have been used on supply wagons, as ambulances used kegs to supply water for the wounded during transport. It is constructed of 15 wooden staves used to retain two wooden side plates, all held together by two iron bands. There are two iron straps that connect the bands together. Each strap has a single eyelet used to attach a large ring. The rings were not doubt used to tie the canteen onto the wagon exterior for easy access. There are two tin spouts on the canteen. One was used to drink or pour from, the other a vent. The vent has an enclosed top, with 8 small holes. The stopper for the drinking spout is missing. These canteens were intended to water the horses or mules pulling the wagons. Thos one probably held two gallons of water. There is some wood shrinkage due to age, but for the most part the canteen is still very solidly made. The iron bands, rings, straps and tin spouts all have a dark brown aged patina. You don't run across these very often.
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