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US WWII .45 Caliber Ammunition in Original Box
Item #: AA1556
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This is a box of 50 .45 caliber ball rounds for the M1911 pistol in the original cardboard box from World War II. These steel cased pistol rounds were manufactured at the Evansville Ordnance Plant, (Chrysler) in Indiana. This particular plant produced more .45 caliber ammunition than any other Ordnance plant during WWII. The ball ammunition could be fired in the M1911A1's, M1 Thompson Submachine Gun and the M3 Grease Guns. All of the rounds has a head stamp of EC 43. While this plant did produce millions of rounds during the WWII period, these complete boxes of ammo are getting harder to find. The box is in good condition, a couple of small scuffs shown in the photos. The black ink is very legible, including the lot number. This would look great displayed with your Colt or Thompson!