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Andersonville Prison Artifacts Recovered by Earvin Lee Joyner
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This is a group of 13 relics recovered from the infamous Civil War prison camp located in Andersonville, Georgia. The prison, known as Camp Sumter, opened in February, 1864 and served as a prisoner of war camp until April, 1865. When it first opened, the camp covered 16.5 acres and was surrounded by a 15 foot high log stockade. It was enlarged in June, 1864, to 26.5 acres. Living conditions for the prisoners was horrific. Lack of food, potable water and diseases accounted for the majority of the deaths of the prisoners there. In addition to the inhumane living conditions, the "Dead Line" and a group of prisoners known as the "Andersonville Raiders" were responsible for many deaths of the prisoners. Of the approximate 45,000 prisoners held captive at Camp Sumter, almost 13,000 died. The commander of the camp, Captain Henry Wirz, was the only Confederate to be tried and executed for war crimes after the war. These relics were recovered by Georgia historian and Andersonville Prison expert Earvin Lee Joyner. Joyner had one of the largest collection of Andersonville items in the United States at one time. He went on to write chapter 7 of the book "Andersonville: The Southern Perspective", and was a park ranger and historical interpreter at the Andersonville National Historic Site. The relics include remnants of two spoons, two sections of different knife blades, a wick holder for an oil lamp, the metal part of a three tine fork, a pocket knife, a bayonet scabbard, tip, brass pocket watch frame, part of a mirror, a cannister ball and a knife blade with the throat of a scabbard. A small tree root is still entangled in the scabbard throat. A letter of authenticity from Gettysburg Relics dated 6 January, 2012 and signed by Andrew Keyser, confirms the provenance and chain of custody of each relic. If you are an excavated relic collector, this could be the center piece of your collection!
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