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1800's Spanish Southwestern Spur
Item #: AA1502
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This is an excavated spur that was recovered near the Santa Fe Trail in Glorieta, New Mexico. it is made in the Spanish style used in the southwestern United States during the 1800's. This iron spur is the lighter than one might imagine, weighing just over a pound. The heel band measures 3" across the opening, is 5/8" wide and approximately 3/16" thick. The neck measures 1 3/4" in length, 3/8" in width and has a slight drop down. It is spread apart and slightly twisted near the rowel. The 6 point rowel rotates freely and has tines that measure 1" in length. Three of the tines are broken. The leather strap is missing from this one. One of the buttons to attach the strap are missing. The outside of the heel strap and neck have been incised. Another great looking piece of South Western decor for your home or office.
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Item # AA1502
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