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Set of US Cartridge Box and Breast Plates From the John Marks Collection
Item #: AA1495
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This is a set of Union cartridge box and breast plates that was recovered by long time relic enthusiast John A. Marks. Mr Marks was a native of the Memphis, Tennessee area and began relic hunting in 1967. He passed away in 2000, but not before recovering thousands of Civil War relics. He was a big contributor to many magazines, such as the North South Trader. These two plates were recovered by him on 31 December, 1971 in Lagrange, Tennessee. They are in amazing condition to have been excavated after over 100 years in the ground. The box plate and eagle plate both have a beautiful dark chocolate patina. The faces of the plates are damages free, as well as the backs. There are a couple of small dimples on the box plate face, nothing major. The breast plate face is absolutely blemish free. Each plate has both of the iron hooks present. The lead backing of each plate is 100% intact. Apparently Mr Marks was well known for his record keeping, as both of these plates have hand written inscriptions on the back. Written in black paint on both plates is "LaGrange/12-31-71/10+" These very plates are talked about in a North South Trader article in Volume XXXVII, Number 2. A copy of that magazine, along with a letter detailing the chain of custody as these two plates changed hands after Mr Marks death, will accompany the relics. Either of these two plates can stand on it's own merits and would be worthy of any collection. I just thought they should remain a pair, as they are considered the first two plates he discovered in that vast camp site in LaGrange, Tennessee.