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Texas Lone Star Flag
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This is a Texas Lone Star flag dating from the Civil War era. It measures 18" high and 34" wide and is constructed in the pattern of the Texas state flag. The dark blue canton with it's single shining star forms the leading edge of the flag. The five pointed star is applied to both sides of the canton. The two horizontal bars, white on top and red on bottom comprise the fly. The leading edge of the flag has a 3/4" wide heading that contains hand sewn eyelets at the top and bottom. A 1/4" hem has been sewn around the perimeter of the fly. A 2 1/2" gold colored bullion has been applied to the hem of the flag. This beautiful flag is intact as originally constructed except for one minor repair for insect damage, at the fly end of the red horizontal bar. There are five approximately 1" size areas of insect damage on the red bar, 10 smaller ones on the white bar and minor damage to the canton. The flag has been professionally mounted and framed in a custom museum aluminum frame with a UV resistant glazing on the outside. The examination and conservation of the flag was conducted by a noted professional in the industry. It is his opinion that the flag was constructed of dress material imported from Europe. Flags made from women's dresses during the Civil War are well documented. It is suggested that this flag was more ceremonial than an everyday use flag. One thing is sure, it is an absolute beauty! This one will require special shipping.
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