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Frankford Arsenal 5 Second Fuze Pack
Item #: AA1431
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This is an unopened pack of five Federal artillery paper time fuses. The original tan colored paper wrapper is in good condition. The packet measures 3" wide, 2" tall and 5/8" deep. The Stamping on the paper is very legible and reads "FRANKFORD ARSENAL./1864/5 SECOND FUZES". Instructions for the removal of the fuzes are printed below that. The package is in good condition for the most part. The only part that has a problem is the bottom of the package. Below three of the fuzes the outer wrapper has a circular hole in it, where the fuze has pressed against it for the past 154 years. The paper is slightly discolored on the bottom, the individual fuze outlines can be seen. The package retains all five small cotton tabs that protrude from the package. This is a great example of a Civil War Artilleryman's most integral components.
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