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US 36 Star Flag
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This is a United States 36 star flag from the Civil War era. The 36 star flag was utilized from 4 July 1865, when Nevada was admitted to the Union, until 4 July 1867. This flag measures 67 1/2" by 38 1/2". The canton and stripes are made of wool bunting while the stars are made of cotton muslin. The stars are machine sewn onto one side of the canton. The layout of the stars is 6-6-6-6-6-6. There is no particular orientation of the star points, they are randomly placed. The heavy cotton hoist has 2 brass grommets. The size of this flag suggests it may have been used as a parade flag, although it could have been used as a regimental flag. Some units were known to have carried 36 star flags at the end of the Civil War. Both grommets are secure on the hoist. There is a period repair showing, on the upper left corner of the canton. All 36 stars are securely sewn onto the canton. The fly is not frayed and the stitching along this area is not frayed or broken. There are several holes throughout the flag but nothing major. There is no makers stamp or any other markings on the flag to identify who made it or who may have used it. For a piece of material that was used outdoors in all types of weather this one is still in good condition. Especially when you consider it's over 150 years old. If your war room or man cave has the wall space, this thing will definitely put some pop in there!
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