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Confederate Camp Jacket
Item #: AA1424
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This is a Confederate camp jacket made of light weight muslin fabric. This came from the coastal region of Liberty County, Georgia. The jacket was in with several UCV items, and while it could be a UCV jacket, I'm inclined to think it was worn during the Civil War. The area of Georgia where this came out of is way to hot to be running around wearing a wool coat during the summer. The light weight material would have been much more comfortable in a camp setting. From the shoulder seam to the bottom of the jacket it measures 43 1/2". The body of the jacket is made of four panels, all machine sewn together. The sleeves are of two piece construction, being turned under and sewn to form a cuff. The one piece collar is 2 1/4" wide. It has two large pockets on each side of the front , with no interior pockets. The front is closed byfive buttons, four coat sized script I buttons and one flower button. All four Script I's are back marked S Isaacs Campbell & Co/London/71 Jermyn. St, as pictured in Albert's book, CS 177. The flower button has no back mark. The jacket shows honest wear, a couple of light stains in a few areas, but is in very good condition. All the machine stitching is still very tight. It kind of reminds me of a doctors exam coat the way it is made. While I do believe the oral history of this being worn during the war, it's being priced way below the 35k you'd pay for a Confederate frock!