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Navy Arms Reproduction Lemat Revolver
Item #: AA1407
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This is a Navy Arms reproduction of a .44 caliber/16 gauge revolver that was imported for use during the Civil War. This truly is a hand cannon, having an overall length of 13 1/4", an octagon barrel measuring 6 3/4" and weighing almost 4.5 pounds unloaded! The gun is unfired, mint condition. It retains 100% of the bluing, it doesn't appear that the cylinder has ever been rotated. Well, maybe a couple times. I did check to make sure the mechanics work! But it has definitely never been fired. The checkered grips are crisp and show no wear or damage. The loading lever is intact, and may be the only weak link on the gun. Apparently the originals had a problem with the loading lever breaking off and coming up missing. Well, navy Arms has replicated this weapon to perfection, as it looks as though the loading lever would be the first casualty of this weapon. The nine shot .44 caliber revolver has a 16 gauge shotgun barrel under the pistol barrel. In order to fire that barrel, normally loaded with buckshot, a small hammer dropped down from the revolver hammer and set off a separate cap. Confederate General JEB Stuart was known to have carried one of these. If you are into reenacting, especially you JEB Stuart impressionist, this one will satisfy what you need!
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
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