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US Model 1885 Spur Set
Item #: AA1402
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This is a set of US Model 1885 spurs as introduced into the Army inventory by Ordnance Memorandum #29. These spurs show signs of use, but are not abused. One has just a very slight twist to it, so that it does not sit level when placed on a flat surface. The heels have the cast in groove. The brass has taken on a very eye pleasing light chocolate brown patina. The unique aspect of these spurs is the rowels. All the other spurs i have seen of this Model have the traditional or "sunburst" type rowels. This set has smooth, round rowels installed. These spurs were manufactured by military arsenals as well as commercial vendors. There are no markings or stamps on the spurs anywhere. Maybe these are private purchase spurs that came with rounded rowels, or perhaps they are replacement rowels. Either way, they have been with these spurs for a long time. Matched sets of spurs are getting harder to come by. If you have an Indian Wars collection these will really compliment it.
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