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P1853 Enfield Barrel and Stock
Item #: AA1400
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This is an excavated P1853 Enfield rifle in relic condition. The Enfield was the most imported rifle of the Civil War. In the beginning of the war both the Union and Confederate armies were using these rifles. By 1863 the Springfield Armory was producing enough weapons that the Union no longer needed to import the Enfield rifles. This Enfield measures approximately 41" in length. The stock has been broken at the wrist and is missing from the wrist area on back. The inlet for the lock plate is still present, but the opposite side of the stock is gone. The barrel and tang are complete, along with all three bands and the front sling swivel. The middle band retaining spring is still present, but the front and rear ones are missing. An Enfield ramrod is still in the channel, extending out beyond the barrel by about an inch. The front sight is still on the barrel, but the rear sight is long gone. The lock is also missing, so I can't date this one. Excavated rifles don't come along all that often and Enfield rifles are even more scarce. Usually all you find are the hard parts, the wood doesn't survive being in the ground for real long. What remains of the stock on this gun is very solid. I'm not sure if this one suffered an impact from a shell, shell fragments or it was used as a club and broke. If you collect relic and dug weapons you should not let this one pass you by!
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