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Confederate Haversack Recovered At Gettysburg
Item #: AA1381
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A rare Confederate haversack with provenance of being at the Battle of Gettysburg. This one just came into the shop on consignment from a large collection out of Illinois. Confederate haversacks were a seldom issued item to Confederate troops, especially during the later war years. This one is a made of cotton material. It measures approximately 11 1/2" wide and 13" high. The cotton sling measures 40" in length. There are six bone buttons, two to secure the outer flap and four on the inside of the bag. This one has been tarred, a common practice with Confederate troops. They did this to water proof their cloth items, which were scarce. This particular haversack was reported to have been taken from a dead Confederate soldier at Gettysburg by Basil Biggs. Biggs was hired to help exhume soldiers that had been buried in local and makeshift cemeteries in the Gettysburg area for transport to the National Cemetery at Gettysburg. This rare and well preserved Confederate artifact was sold to the current consignor by Ken Hamilton's Historical Americana. All paperwork that arrived with the haversack will accompany it to the new owner. Another rare and exceptional Confederate artifact with provenance linking it to the most terrible and well known battle to be fought on American soil.
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