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This is a combination of a cadet parade coatee from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Shako style parade hat from the Virginia Military Institute. The wool cadet gray coatee is in very good condition, having only one small moth hole located on the back of the left sleeve above the elbow. There are three rows of seven brass domed, or ball type, buttons on the front of the coat. At the very bottom of the coat on the front are three flat buttons. Each sleeve has three domed buttons at the cuff, with additional domed buttons on each side of the collar. The tails of the coat each have five domed buttons and one flat button. Each sleeve cuff has three rows of gold braid. The interior of the coat is lined in off white material in the body and sleeves. There is some staining present, especially in the underarm area. The stitching is loose at the bottom of the left sleeve lining. There are two tags sewn into the inside, a Jacob Reed's Sons balck and gold label on the right side and an off white Jacob Reed's Sons name tag below the collar. The name tag has modern ink writing that states on the name line, "P. Psik". Also written in modern ink directly on the lining is PISK in the center and to the left Dahl. The Shako hat is also in good condition. The only damage is to the visor, where it is cracked in almost the center. The brass VMI badge is tarnished, but will no doubt clean up well. The black pom pom is still reporting for duty, they are usually missing. Unfortunately the chin strap and gold chain are missing. On the underside of the visor, written in what looks like black majic marker is perhaps the cadet's name of Kershaw/H.A. on the left side, DOC on the right and the number 64 in the middle of the brim. I'm sure that was his graduation year. These two cadet most likely went on to serve in Vietnam. I just hope they both made it back home. Yet another research project for somebody out there!
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