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US Army M1941 Service Jacket
Item #: AA1371
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This is an officer's private purchase US Army Model 1941 Service Jacket from the pre World War II era. Known officially as the Jacket, Field OD, M41, the "Parson's Jacket" was in production and being issued at the beginning of 1941. This came about as the military was making changes to the existing uniforms. Until this time the same uniform was worn while in garrison and in a field environment. This was the first jacket the Army used for dress occasions only. Since it would not be worn in the field the pleated back was done away with. The lower inside pockets were flat instead of bellows type. There was still an argument over whether the garrison belt was to be worn with the dress uniform, so the M41 still had belt hooks. The revised service coat of June, 1942 finally did away with the belt and the hooks. This Model 1941 jacket does not have the side pleats in the back, but does still retain the belt hooks. The makers label sewn above the inner right pocket is that of the Associated Military Stores located at 19 West Jackson Blvd, Chicago, Illinois. They are listed in the Directory of American Military Good, Dealers & Makers book of Bazelon & McGuinn. Inside the inner pocket is a name tag with a hand written name in ink. It reads "J. Troia, dated 9/28/6 and another name of creighton. The same name TROAI and PARIS above the name is printed in ink in the right sleeve lining. The jacket is in very good condition. There is no moth damage, rip, tears or stains on the outside. Unfortunately there are what appear to be large ink stains along the bottom of the lining. They are not visible on the outside of the jacket. The sleeve cuffs have officer's braid sewn on. The left sleeve has the divison patch of the 1st Cavalry Division and two overseas chevrons. Each epaulette has the distinctive unit insignia of the 4th Cavalry Regiment and the rank of a Colonel. The collars each have the brass U.S. worn by officers. The lapels have the crossed saber insignia of the Cavalry, with the numeral 4 above the sabers. Pinned above the left breast pocket are two rows of ribbons. The top row of three represent the Mexican Border Service Medal, Philippine Campaign Medal, and the Mexican Service Medal. The bottom row has the WWI Victory Medal with three campaign stars and the same medal I couldn't identify on the 3rd Cavalry Regiment Major's P1939 uniform. The coolest thing on the uniform is his expert qualification badge. It has two bars, one marked PISTOL-M and the other sword! This old cavalryman qualified with his pistol while mounted on horseback, and was in service when they still issued swords! Here is another great research project for someone who has the time. I spent time with the 1st Cavalry Division and the 4th Cavalry Regiment and I'd love to know who this guy was!