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Belgium Made 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun
Item #: AA1355
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This is a 12 gauge, double barrel, black powder, percussion shotgun from the 1850's. The gun has an overall length of 47", with the barrels measuring 30 1/2" in length. The Damascus barrels have a smooth exterior, with no pitting and both the barrels have an even dark patina. The bores are turning dark and have light pitting over the first 8" of the barrels. There are no stamps visible on the top side of the barrels. The under side of the barrels are covered in Belgian stamps. These are the only markings on the weapon. The side plates have no markings and have a smooth appearance. The hammers match the side plates in appearance and lack of markings of any kind. The mechanics work perfectly, locking in half and full cock. They both snap forward when their respective trigger is depressed. The trigger guard and butt plate have the same dark patina as the lock plates. There is some simple engraving on this very eye pleasing shotgun! All the hardware on this shotgun is iron. The ram rod thimbles and nose cap are securely attached. The wooden ram rod is capped with an iron tip. The stock has a beautiful, light brown appearance. There are the normal bumps and dings present in the wood. There is no wood loss or cracks present. A lot of young southerners left home to fight the Yankees with shotguns and squirrel guns! This one was definitely around during that terrible war, who knows, maybe it was pressed into service for some southern boy to defend his way of life!
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