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Ideal #6 Reloading Tool for 50 Government Ammunition
Item #: AA1345
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This is a reloading tool for government 50/70 ammunition made by the Ideal Manufacturing Company of New Haven, Connecticut. This particular mold is known as the #6, and was produced from 1888 through 1928. The #6 was a one stop reloading tool that gave the user the ability to mold his own bullets, then take an empty cartridge and make a complete round. The tool was used to removed the expended primer, seat the new primer, size the new bullet, resize the neck, or opening of the cartridge, and finally seat the bullet in the cartridge case. The fixed mold jaws produce a three ringed 425 grain lead bullet. The sprue cutter remains with the tool and opens towards the seating die, indicating a right hand loading tool. The extractor for the primer is missing. This all in one reloader measure just over 10" and is in good working order. It has none of the nickel finish left, and has taken on a black, barn find patina. On one side the handles are stamped IDEAL MF'G CO./NEW HAVEN Ct U.S.A. and 50-GOV. On the opposite side only one handle is stamped with PAT. FEB. 11 1884/PAT DEC. 23 1884. The alignment pins on the molds date this one to between 1902 and 1928.
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