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WWII German Fallschirmjager Gravity Knife
Item #: AA1311
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This is a German Luftwaffe paratroopers gravity knife from World War II. These are some of the most recognizable knives to come out of WWII. It has an overall length of 9 3/4", with a blade length of 4". These knives were first introduced in 1937, when the German Army began experimenting with airborne forces. The blade is designed to open with the use of gravity, allowing it to be opened using one hand. It's intended use was to be used to help paratroopers free themselves when tangled in their parachute, or hung up in a tree or other obstruction. A fulcrum lever is used to release the blade and also to close it. This is a Type I, non take down model knife. The Type I was produced from 1937 through 1941, when it was replaced by the Type II knife. The blade is maker marked with a seated king holding a drawn sword over the letters SMF. In an arc under the letters is SOLINGEN, under that the word ROSTFREI. The nickel plating on the knife remains very strong. The folding marlin spike, or awl, is full length with the original point. Stamped on the base of the awl is an eagle with the number 5. The awl's primary use to untangle knotted riser lines. The wooden grips are in good condition, having one shallow age crack on the left side approximately 2" in length. If you have a WWII German Paratroopers collection, it's not complete without one of these!