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USMC P1917 Winter Tunic and M1917 Helmet
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This is a United States Marine Corps Pattern 1917 winter tunic and Model 1917 helmet from World War I. This forest green, wool, 5 button tunic is in fantastic condition! All stitching is tight and unbroken. There is no moth damage, stains, rips, tears or any damage on the tunic. The shadow of a makers label can be seen on the lining, suggesting that this may have been a private purchase item. The original WWI Marine Corps eagle and anchor buttons are found on the front of the tunic. Each of the four pockets, as well as the shoulder epaulettes, have the smaller eagle and anchor buttons. There are two Marine Corps collar disks, both authorized for wear between 1918 and 1919. The epaulettes have the crossed stitching at the shoulder seam, identifying this tunic as being an enlisted mans uniform. The lining of the body is of a khaki color, while the sleeve linings are of an off white color. The left sleeve has a 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 2nd Division patch sewn on at the shoulder seam. The origin of the patch is attributed to the 2nd Supply Trains, 2nd Division, when it was reportedly seen painted on one of the unit's trucks. The official acceptance of the Indian head on star design came when General Headquarters, AEF, required the Commanding Generals of all combat divisions to select a Divisional patch. On 21 October, 1918, Major General John Lejeune, USMC, the commanding officer of the 2nd Division, selected the Star and Indian Head as the official Division insignia. In November, 1918 an order directed that certain shapes and colors would designate the many different divisional units. The square patch was chosen to represent the 5th regiment, while the color yellow represented the 2nd battalion. This beautiful patch with the White Star and Indian Head with 2/5 Marine background is drop dead gorgeous! The gold bullion outlining the star tells me this one was made overseas, probably in France. I think that the tunic itself is a taylor made garment. In addition to the unit patch, an honorable discharge stripe and an overseas stripe are also sewn on the left sleeve. The overseas stripe is also made of bullion. The helmet that came with the tunic is a Model 1917 American helmet. On the front of the helmet is an enlisted mans Eagle, Globe and Anchor authorized for wear between 1914 and 1922. Hand painted below the EGA is the insignia of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Division, 2nd Division. The yellow background has two small chips of paint missing. The Indian Head with war bonnet is amazing! The helmet has a heat stamp of 178/ZD. The chin strap is missing, but the liner is still present. It is loose, but can be repaired if the buyer wishes. I prefer to leave these treasures as I get them. If you collect WWI uniforms, especially USMC uniforms, this one needs no upgrade!
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