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Sharps New Model 1859 50-70 CF Conversion
Item #: AA1289
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This is an 1859 New Model Sharps carbine used during the Civil War that has been converted for 50-70 center fire metallic cartridges. After the Civil War there were thousands of percussion weapons in the US Army inventory. The US government decided to convert many of them to metallic cartridge breechloaders. In 1867 the Sharps carbine was one of the weapons selected for conversion. Contracts were awarded to the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Co. to alter carbines of their manufacture. A total of 31,098 New Model 1859's, 63's and 65's were converted. In addition to the normal inspector marking on the Sharps percussion carbines, an additional stamp of DFC in a ribbon cartouche was placed in the center of the left stock. The converted carbines can be found in two different types, one type has the original six groove bore and the other has a relined bore with three groove rifling. All conversions were refinished by the factory. When needed, original stocks were replaced with ones that had no patchbox. These carbines were converted, reissued and saw considerable service during the Indian Wars. This converted carbine is in good condition. It has an overall length of 39", with a barrel length of 22". The barrel retains the majority of the bluing and has a smooth surface. The original front brass blade sight is present, as well as the rear leaf sight that is graduated out to 800 yards. Under the rear sight the barrel is stamped R.S. LAWRENCE/PATENTED/FEB. 15th, 1859. The stamp on the barrel behind the rear sight reads NEW MODEL 1859. This barrel has the relined 3 groove bore, and it is in good condition with light pitting in a couple of spots. All the remaining metal parts have a matching, smooth plum finish. The receiver,breech and breech retaining pin have sub inspector marks. The mechanics of the receiver work perfectly. The receiver is stamped in two places on the right side. One stamp reads R.S.LAWRENCE PAT/APRIL 12th, 1859 behind the hammer. The other stamp, in the center of the receiver, reads C.SHARP'S PAT/OCT 5th, 1852. The left side is stamped C SHARPS' PAT/SEPT. 12th, 1848. The stamps on the right side of the receiver are very legible, the one on the left side is partially worn off. The saddle bar and ring are tight to the receiver. The butt plate has been changed, along with the original stock. These were changed either because of damage or to simply get rid of the patch boxes of the Model 1859's. The serial number of 78879 is crisply stamped in the receiver tang and the bottom of the barrel. The fore stock shows a few dings and scratches from handling. It has no cracks or wood loss. The replacement stock is darker than the fore stock. It shows signs of definite use, several nicks and dings on both sides, but again, no cracks or wood loss. In the center of the left stock comb is the cartouche of David F. Clark, DFC in a ribbon. There is a small section of wood missing from the stock just above the saddle ring bar, approximately 1" long by 1/4" wide. This tried and true carbine, survivor of two wars, will compliment any Indian Wars collection.