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GAR Veterans Hat and Vest
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This is a Grand Army of the Republic veterans hat and vest worn at GAR reunions. This organization, as well as the United Confederate Veterans, were the forerunners to the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars organizations. Veterans from both the GAR and UCV would attend the reunions and wear replica's of their uniforms, if not the original ones, in the encampments. This veterans hat and vest are from the early 1900's, somewhere between 1900 and 1920. The hat is in excellent condition, with no moth damage, rips, tears or stains. It is constructed of a black felt type material. There is a black sweat band and a size tag present on the inside. For whatever reason a large section of the sweatband has been cut out on the left side of the hat. The tag indicates that this one is a size 7. The exterior of the hat has a gold wreath with the letters GAR in the center of the wreath. A gold and black hat cord also adorns the outside of the hat, with one of the acorns missing. A small, 1/2" section of the cord has frayed, exposing the inner cord. The vest is in very good condition. It has a six button front with four pockets. All six GAR vest size buttons are securely attached, with a spare button pinned onto the inner right side of the vest! The button holes are machine sewn. The blue wool material has held up well, with minimal moth damage. All the mothing is on the left front of the vest for some reason. There are a couple of frayed areas on the black trim that runs along the outer edge of the vest front. Again, they are on the left front of the vest. The lower right vest does have a small tear on the inner pocket corner. The lining and back of the vest are polished cotton, with the adjustment straps and buckle still present. The left side of the back of the vest has a hole about the size of a quarter, with another piece adjacent that has been cut. The photos show all concerned areas clearly. Attached to the left side of the vest is a GAR medal. The medal itself has taken on a deep bronze patina, while the red, white and blue ribbon still retains bright colors. The ribbon has no tears or frays. If you are a GAR collector this would make a very fine addition to your collection, they just don't come up everyday!
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