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Gettysburg Bullet Struck Rail Fence Section
Item #: AA1270
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This is a section of bullet struck rail fence that was recovered at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The rail measures 26 1/2" wide, 6 1/4" high and is 2 1/4" thick. Most Gettysburg relics are unique simply because they relate to the largest land battle ever fought on American soil. This one just happens to go one step further. Carved in the upper right corner of the rail are two dates, 1863 and 1871. Beside the dates is the name T Gerrish, underneath the name 20th Me. Theodore Gerrish mustered into company H, 20th Maine Infantry Regiment on 29 August, 1862. He survived the horrific slaughter of Gettysburg, but was wounded on 3 June, 1864, at Cold Harbor, Virginia. He was discharged from the Army on 15 June, 1864. Apparently on a trip in 1871 Gerrish returned to the Gettysburg battlefield and discovered this piece of rail fence that has been struck by what appears to be a pistol bullet. A tag still accompanies the piece of rail that reads "Gettysburg fence post with bullet-found in 1871 by T. Gerrish author 20th ME Regt. History-From the Remsburg Collection". After the war Theodore Gerrish wrote several books, one of which was entitled "Army Life: A Private's Reminiscences of the Civil War". It is the only history of the 20th Maine Infantry Regiment written by a veteran of that historically significant unit. The first edition of that work was printed in 1882. The only thing lacking is the location of where the rail was discovered. For you Gettysburg collectors has a chance to own a truly unique piece of history, collected originally by a member of the unit that saved the Union that day on Little Round Top!