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82nd Airborne Model 1942 Jump Jacket
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This is an M1942 Airborne jump jacket from world War II. This jacket was part of a uniform designed for paratroopers during the early years of WWII. The jacket, along with the baggy pants and jump boots set the Airborne soldier apart from the regular Infantry soldier, as far as appearance went. This 42 jump jacket is in extremely good condition. The jacket is olive drab#3 in color and is made of cotton twill fabric. This light weight material proved to be vulnerable to rips and tears in the elbow, crotch and knee area. These faults became evident during the Airborne operations in North Africa and Italy. Riggers in the 101st and 82nd Divisions came up with their own solutions to the problems, adding heavy olive drab canvas patches to the elbows and knee area. The crotch was reinforced with heavier stitching to prevent blowouts during the shock of chute openings. Prior to the the Overlord invasion troopers of both divisions were told to turn in one of the two sets of jump uniforms to have have these alterations applied. Some of these uniforms were altered and returned, others were not. This is one of those unaltered jackets. There is an 82nd, "All American" patch sewn on the left sleeve. It doesn't look to have had any other stitching on the sleeves, reinforcing patches or rank for that matter. All the snaps work on the pockets, cuffs and neck work perfectly. The black isn't even worn off the outer snaps. The stitching is very strong throughout the jacket. There are no tears, rips or moth damage anywhere on the jacket. The main zipper on the front of the jacket is a Conmar brand and it works flawlessly. The double zippered knife pocket has two Serval zippers installed and they work perfect also. There are no markings on the inside of the jacket. The quartermaster tag is present in the lower right pocket. It has been washed out and is not legible. There is no damage to the jacket, no stains, tears , rips, loose stitching or anything else. These untouched original condition jump jackets are getting hard to come by. It still has the original belt with it, something you don't often see. Along with the jacket comes a pistol belt, ammo pouch, first aid pouch and a brown leather holster for a M1911A1. The web belt has a legible US stamp, but no maker stamp. The two magazine pouch is stamped HOFF MFG Co and dated 1942. The holster is made by Boyt and is dated 1942. The first aid pouch is made by the E.A. Brown Mfg. Co. and is also dated 1942. All the web gear is stamped US. If you collect WWII Airborne items, give this one a close look.
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