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US WWII M1 Carbine Sling
Item #: AA1255
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This is a sling made for the US M1 Carbine during WWII. The sling measures 1" wide and is 50" from end to end unsnapped, 47 1/2" as the sling is snapped onto the weapon. This webbing is OD #3, or more commonly referred to as Khaki, in color. The sling has a makers stamp of B.M. Co and is dated 1943. The snap is not maker marked, but functions perfectly. There is one small section that is frayed by the snap. There is also a small stain in the same location. The metal tips on the belt are vintage WWII "C" type ends. If you have a carbine that's missing the sling this one will fix your problem!
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
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