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Remington Model 1863 "Zouave" Rifle
Item #: AA1229
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This is a Remington Model 1863 "Zouave" rifle from the American Civil War. There were approximately 12,500 of these rifles made for the US government. While they are referred to as a Model 1863, few if any of these rifles saw service. The majority of these weapons were delivered to the government to late to be issued to the troops before the war ended. This example survived and remains in fine condition. This beautiful weapon has an overall length of 49", with a 33" barrel. The barrel retains over 90% of the original bluing, with very slight pinpricking along the top. The top of the barrel is stamped 1863 and US by the bolster. The left barrel flat is stamped with the word STEEL and inspectors initials H.S.L. The .58 caliber bore is mirror bright and has no pitting at all. The rifling is extremely strong and crisp. A bayonet lug to accept the saber bayonets is affixed to the right side of the barrel. The front sight is a pinched blade type, while the rear sight is the two leaf folding type, marked with a 3 for short range and 5 for the long range sight. The hammer has the original case coloring, while the lockplate has a steel gray with freckling patina. The lock is stamped with an eagle over US and REMINGTON'S/ILION N.Y. for ward of the hammer, and 1863 behind the hammer. The mechanics of the lock are excellent. Both sling swivels are present as well as the original iron ramrod with the tulip head. All the brass hardware has a matching golden patina. The trigger guard is inspector stamped with a C, the patchbox door with an L, the butt plate with an S and both barrel bands are stamped with the letter U and inspector stamped C. The butt plate is also stamped with the US. The original replacement nipple is still in the patchbox. The walnut stock is in remarkable condition, having no cracks, wood loss or any major dings or nicks. The original oil finish is present. The left stock flat has two very crisp cartouches, both rectangular in shape. This is an absolute drop dead gorgeous rifle from the American Civil War. If you collect Civil War forearms, your collection will not be complete without this one!
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