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US Model 1917 Bayonet
Item #: AA1220
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This is a US Model 1917 sword bayonet made to be used with the .30-06 caliber US Model 1917 Rifle. This bayonet can also be used with the US Model 1897 trench shotgun. The bayonet has an overall length of 21 3/4", with a blade length of 17". The pommel, crosspiece and ricasso were blued on these bayonets, with the blade being parkerized. This bayonet and scabbard are in excellent condition. The blueing is almost 100%, with just a small area on the bottom of the crosspiece being worn off. The obverse ricasso is stamped with the Ordnance bomb over the letters US. An eagle with the number 29 under it is stamped to the left of the US, while an inspector's stamp is to the right of the US. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the date 1917 over a circle with REMINGTON stamped within the circle. There are a few spots on the blade where the parkerization has worn off, from being inserted and removed from the scabbard. The original wood grips are in mint condition, showing no wear, cracks or any other blemishes. The leather scabbard shows a small amount of wear, but is in very good condition. It is green in color, with a metal mount and tip. Both metal pieces have been blued, and are both stamped with the letters GF within an oval. The GF indicates the General Fireproofing Co. of Youngstown, Ohio. The leather scabbard body also bears an inspectors stamp of EJB. This example of the US Model 1917 bayonet is in overall excellent condition. If you have an American WWI collection then this one is a must have!