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Model 1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber
Item #: AA1216
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This is a Model 1840 Cavalry Saber, also referred to as a Heavy Cavalry Saber, manufactured by the Ames Manufacturing Company of Cabotville, Massachusetts. The sword measures 41 1/2" overall, with a blade length of 35 7/8". The blade is slightly curved with a wide, flat back that measures 1 5/16" at the ricasso. It is a single edged blade with an integral fuller that measures 26 1/4" and a narrow fuller along the false edge measuring 18 1/4" in length. The edge of the sword is free of nicks. The polish is gone from this one, leaving the blade a dull steel gray patina mottled with black age spots over the entire blade. The reverse ricasso is marked N.P. AMES/CABOTVILLE/1845. The obverse ricasso is stamped US/NWP, standing for Nathan W. Patch, an Ames inspector from 1831-1849. The blade has never been sharpened. The brass hilt has a beautiful deep bronze patina. The original leather washer is still intact and the blade is very tight to the hilt. The wooden grip is still covered in the original leather wrap. There are two cracks in the grip, one on either side of the grip. The leather wrap is intact and tight to the grip. The double twisted brass wire is also tight to the grip, having 15 twists per inch. The brass pommel cap is inspector marked WAT. The peen appears to be unmolested. The original iron scabbard is has a P inspector mark stamped into the upper mount on the obverse side. The scabbard has taken on a beautiful plum patina with only slight pitting in a couple of spots. The drag is integral and shows little wear, as do the mounts and suspension rings. This is an excellent example of a rare 1st year production Mexican War dated Heavy Cavalry Saber from Ames, one of 600 delivered. It will make a fine addition to any Mexican War or Civil War Cavalry Saber collection.