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P53 Enfield
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This is a three band P53 Enfield with an 1863 dated lock plate. The lock plate and barrel proof marks indicate that this rifled musket was produced in Birmingham, England. The walnut stock has seen use, but is in good condition. There are the normal dings from service. Just behind the bolster a small section of wood is missing from the stock. On the flat opposite the lockplate are three stress cracks by the rear escutcheon. The worst is about 4" long. The left side of the stock comb has a faint Birmingham Small Arms Trade roundel still visible. The entire stock has a medium brown appearance. There are no visible cartouches to be seen on the stock flat. The lock plate is stamped 1863 over TOWER with a crown behind the hammer. The hammer locks up perfectly in half cock and full cock and aligns squarely with what looks to be the original nipple. The markings on the .577 caliber barrel are Birmingham proof marks. A period correct ramrod accompanies the gun. The bore is darkening but only has very light pitting. The rifling is clearly visible. The rear sight is still reporting for duty. The barrel, bands, and lock plate all have a matching dark patina. The front and rear sling swivels are missing. The brass trigger guard and butt plate fit the stock like a glove, and have a mellow golden patina. By 1864 the Union army was equipped with mainly Springfield rifles. While this one does not have any of the common Confederate traits, it is likely this gun saw service with the south. Here's an opportunity to own a good example of a Civil War long arm that won't break the bank.
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