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Moore Enfield Rifle Musket
Item #: AA1182
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This is an Enfield rifle musket manufactured by J.P. Moore's sons in New York City, New York during the American Civil War. Moore's sons were one of the Colt Fire Arms Company's jobbers, and it appears likely that Colt was the source for some of the parts used in manufacturing these scarce rifle muskets. A number of the parts used on the Moore muskets were imported, such as the barrels. These rifled muskets were produced by Moore from 1861 - 1863, with a total quantity estimated at only a few thousand, making these muskets one of the rarer Civil War long arms encountered. The overall length of this weapon is 55", with a barrel length of 39". The bore is .58 caliber and is still very bright with no pitting. The rifling is visible, but worn. I guess somebody did a little bit of shootin with this one! The exterior of the barrel, as well as the rest of the iron parts, has a smooth, plum patina. The front and rear sights are both present, with the rear sight being graduated out to 800 yards. The sight base is stamped with the number 32. The front sight doubles as a mount for a socket bayonet. Birmingham proof marks can be found on the left barrel flat near the breech. The lock is stamped with 1863 forward of the hammer. Behind the hammer is an eagle motif perched atop a shield. In the center of the shield at the top is the letter M, standing for Moore. The action is crisp and works perfectly. The iron ramrod still retains it's bright finish, except for the area exposed from the stock. The rear sling swivel is present, but the front swivel is MIA, the only flaw with the entire weapon! Even the doughnut washers on the barrel bands are still here! The brass nose cap, trigger guard, and butt plate all have a very eye pleasing golden patina. The trigger guard has two sets of numbers, 4 and 16. The walnut stock retains it's original finish. There are no cracks or wood loss, just the expected bumps and dings from normal handling. Without a doubt this is an outstanding example of a very scarce Civil War rifled musket that was produced here in the states and will compliment any collection.